Conditions of Reservation

  1. Only students successfully registered in any programme conducted by
    universities may apply for accommodation at D’Latour Residence.
  2. Application form must be completed in full to facilitate accurate processing.
  3. Rooms are allocated based on DK-MY Properties Management allocation policy.
  4. Monthly rental is excluded of electricity and water charges. All those charges need to be sharing between the tenants staying inside.
  5. Rental rates may be subject to change without any prior notice. Any other charges including utilities ( water & electricity ) , shall be imposed at the discretion of the Management of DK-MY Properties Management Sdn Bhd.
  6. Applicant is required to pay a Deposit when submitting the application form. Take note that unless officially notified by DK-MY Properties Management, this payment of deposit does not guarantee confirmation of room type at selected room.
  7. The deposit is refundable only if the applicant cancels the room reservation with a written notice of at least one (1) month before the commencement of tenancy.
  8. Upon confirmation of the availability of rooms, applicants are required to pay and settle all payment requested (1 month advance rental, 2 months security deposit, 1/2 month utilities deposit and access card deposit) before check-in failing which the reservation would be deemed cancelled and the deposit paid earlier shall be forfeited.
  9. Failure to check in after the agreed check in date will result in forfeiture of all payment s made and immediate release of room booked without further notice.
  10. Applicant is required to sign tenancy agreement. For those sign tenancy agreement less than six (6) months, surcharge of 20% will be applied.
  11. All refundable amount under the conditions herein shall be claimed by the student or the student’s parent/ guardian/ sponsor within one (1) month from the check-out date.
  12. The DK-MY Properties Management Sdn Bhd reserves the right to amend any of the conditions stated where deemed necessary.
  13. Based on check – in date, the following shall apply :-
    – Check in date from 1st – 15th of the month – full month rental to be paid; for the tenancy agreement commence on 1st of the month.
    – Check in date from 16th – 31st of the month – half month rental to be paid; for the tenancy agreement commence on 16th of the month.
  14. No check in as per below time :-
    – Saturday after 1pm
    – Sunday
    – Public Holiday


  1. I understand and accept the above Conditions of Reservation.
  2. I declare that the particulars in this application are true to the best of my knowledge, and I have not willfully suppressed any material fact. Any misrepresentation or omission of information will render me ineligible for student accommodation.
  3. I undertake to pay the monthly rental due in a timely manner if my application is successful.
  4. I understand to abide by the student accommodation house rules or the risk the penalties stipulated therein.